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Sunday, March 10, 2013

So What Time Is It????

Went to bed at 9pm - awoke at 3:30 according to my bedside clock.

But really its 4:30am because of the DAYLIGHT savings time.  Daylight where?????

Laid there for about 20 minutes and justified getting up because of all the things I want to get accomplished this morning.

Started a customer quilt yesterday and finished in the wee early hours this morning.

I'm in love with this quilt!!!!!! - The quilter is donating this to Quilts of Valor - I quilted it with free motion loops and stars.

Also this morning ..................

Sensory Wall Hanging for patients with dementia - this was made for patients at St Elizabeth Manor in Footville.  I'm going to be making a couple more wall hangings for them.

It will be mounted on a wooden backing and framed and hung at the Manor.

This wall hanging is meant to be touched and fiddled with.  Zippers, buckles, fringe lace etc. all with the purpose of letting the patient(s) touch and feel and fiddle.

There will be another one made up of different quilt blocks appx 4x4", they will attached loosely with velcro and ribbon so the patient(s) can move the blocks around without walking off with them.

For now I better get myself going.  Little housework and then off to shop and play with Sarah/Ky and Gus.

1 comment:

Linda said...

You are so sweet to make the sensory wall hanging. I love that quilt too - in fact the colors would go with the Nancy Drew fabric I ordered today. :) I hope someday to FMQ like you do! Beautiful.