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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pretty Snappy Scrappy Quilt I Say

One of my customers (nameless for now hehehehehehehe)  made this really snappy scrappy quilt.

She is in love with scraps and I'm in love with her quilts.

Every once in a while I give her some of my scraps.  Pieces I no longer want to look at or deal with and she turns them into works of art.

The border color is actually a bright deep purple - my camera really has difficulty picking up purples.

No Gus today so I put in a full day of sewing, and quilting.

Tomorrow for sure - they said Gus will be here.

He and mom and dad stopped by yesterday - brought a swing for Gus.

This is one happy little boy with his cute little hat.  Cant resist those cheeks.

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