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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Im Not Always Quilting

Sometimes I just do other sewing.  But then you knew that.

I started sewing blocks this morning for another quilt, but sidetracked.

On my cutting table I have many fabrics that I pulled for other projects.  Could have put the fabrics in my stash cabinet for another day, but no.  Kept them on the table as a reminder of projects that I needed to work on.

Today was that day.  I needed a break from quilt blocks and grabbed some of that fabric.

Very very soon I will be watching Gus when his momma goes back to work, so I made more burp rags.

You cant have too many burp rags with a baby.

When momma goes back to work she will need her scissors cases she asked me to make.

Made seven of these little cases for her.  I had no idea how much scissors cost and I wont relay the information on to you, but I can tell you this, for the cost of them I would be putting them in protective cases too.  They should be wrapped in bubble wrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was fun morning of sewing.  

Our  CT group is having a Birthday Block Swap - basically you sign up and list the colors you want for your blocks.  The others in the group make a block (or in this case we are doing 2) and send them to you for your birthday.  We currently  have 15 girls in this event and its such fun.    I cant show you pictures of the blocks I am making as they are to be a surprise, I can show you the blocks that have already been sent to the first birthday girl.  I forgot to take a picture before mailing but I did make some mistake blocks that I mailed before we decided the block size.  I made these 12 rather than 12.5.  The only reason I have them now, is I didn't put enough postage on the package and it was returned to me.  DUH

Even though they are the wrong size, it was suggested to me to send them on anyway.  She can use them in her backing if she wants.  So they will be sent on to her again.

These are the blocks that did make it - (copied photos from her)

Colors are a little off.  The (white) is actually a tan - the blue is close to color

It is so interesting to see all the blocks that she has already received and more on the way.  Each person sending a block chooses the block pattern they wish to make and send.  The blocks she has received are all so pretty and the colors are working so well together.   You would think with so many girls making their own blocks using their interpretation  of colors requested, might wind up with some pretty funky color combos.  But so far they are all blending like we went shopping together.

I have a long time to wait, my  birthday isn't until November.  It is fun, however, making the blocks for the other girls.  Currently I have 4 sets of 2 birthday blocks ready to be shipped when the birthdays come around.

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