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Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Friday!!!!!

For me anyway.

Its been a very good day.

Quilted another beautiful quilt for one of my customers.  Chose to do yet another Panto design "Crepe Myrtle" by Patricia Ritter.

This is what it looked like while on the machine.  The colors here are truer than the completed quilt.

In addition to quilting, had dentist appointment (ugh) but it was OK just a minor buffing on a filling, home again and dear hubby was cleaning the house for me.  Shock, but true.

Although pantos make beautiful quilt designs, they do take time.  This quilt was started this morning around 7am, went to dentist, and took many many breaks before completing around 4pm.

My friend Charyl, from Spokane WA,called me and we had a nice visit.   Since our meeting up in Houston, we just have to call each other on occasion just to hear the sound of our voices.

Even though we are in daily contact through Connected Threadz, it still nice to actually have a for real conversation.

Texting, and social networks have their use, but a real voice on the other end of a phone is even nicer.

In addition its private!!!

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Carol J said...

Looks like a really neat pattern... and I agree in that it is still nice to be able to carry on a conversation with someone :-)