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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Its Ok To Cut Corners

What do you do when you need a quilt by the weekend.  Cut corners, and find a pretty panel add borders, take it to your favorite long arm quilter (if she can put you at the head of the stack) bind and your done.

That's what one of my customers did.  Panels can be just as pretty as those 1000's pieced quilts. 

I have done this myself a few times.  Makes for a great present and the receiver (if they don't quilt) thinks you spent hours and hours just for them.

Here's a confession: I take my husband for granted, do you???

Wayne has been gone on a well deserved fishing trip with friends.  While he is away, this is what I have had to do that he normally does, and I don't even think about.

Fill bird feeder, squirrels knocked it right of its post and emptied it.  Now we dont buy a little bag of birdseed, we buy the biggest bag and its heavy.  At least it was only half full when I got to it.  Water flowers, vegetable garden and new grass.  Now that doesn't sound hard, but you gotta see how far I had to pull and haul the hose, just to reach all the flowers and garden and then back again to water the front yard flowers.  Lug and re wrap the hose.  Take the garbage to the curb for next day delivery.  Finish cleaning up back deck from some of the Saturday party.  Again, this doesn't seem like a big job, but before I did this I had to clean the house.  I had been so drained from the Wedding, I rested Monday and there was vacuuming to be done.  Drove our son Toby (new groom) to Madison to pick up his car that had been in repair shop.

Late afternoon, I quilted the above quilt.

By 8 o'clock I felt I had made up for the lost day of Monday.

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