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Friday, June 24, 2011

Kylee's First Sewing Lesson

Today our granddaughter Kylee came to visit me today.
I was hoping she would come soon and spend the day. I had plans for her.

Today I gave her, her first lesson on  machine sewing, and she made a tote bag.

She first had to sew all the strips together to get a piece big enough to cut into a (2) 18.5 x 14 and pockets.

I showed how to sew a straight line, and that's all I had to do, she is a natural. 

Grandma did all the cutting, but she did 95% of the sewing.  She also did some of the ironing needed.

Here are the results:

She wasn't happy with some of her stitches, and insisted on removing and redoing one of the handles.

Look how good she did.

Did I mention she is only 10.

I thought I would have to sit right by her the entire time and keep helping her stay straight.  Nope, she took right off and did it perfect right from the start.


It won't be long and I will have her sewing a quilt.

1 comment:

Tonya said...

She did do a good job! That is great. I love helping kids learn to sew!