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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Reproduction.......... Chain

Sounds naughty doesn't it?

Actually its the name of the pattern used for this quilt.   (I'm also make this one)

Love the back.

Great use of extra fabrics and if your back needs  enlarging - why not make it pretty.

It works best if the extra fabric design is off center going horizontal or offset vertical - this makes it easier on your long arm quilter so she doesn't have to figure out where to place the backing.  If you wanted the designed back to be in a specific location it takes some special care and measurements to get it where you expect it to be.  Most important to the quilter - the backing must be squared before taking to be quilted.

If your measurements are off (and it happens ask me how I know) the design could be a real mess instead of the well intended pretty backing planned.

Many people don't realize the squaring up of the backing is as important as the front being squared up.

If backing isn't squared the "quilter" will have a loose fitting floppy mess that she has to deal with while making your quilt look good.

I have had this happen and in order to fix the problem had to cut off some of the backing which can also be a problem if there isn't enough of the backing to fit the top after being squared.

So be kind to your quilter and yourself, square up those backs please.

End of lecture........

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