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Friday, March 27, 2015

Pushing ON

A somewhat improved day but there seems to be a little of the bad karma hanging around.

Nothing serious, not like the other day but I can feel it lurking around corners waiting to pounce.

Instead of concerning myself with it, I am moving forward and continuing my days as normal as possible.

For example today was a Gus day and a good time was had by both of us.

We played monster trucks for most of the day - one of his favorite activities when I can distract him from the TV - and oh yes he now knows IPads have Games.

Thanks mom and dad!!!! 

While loading a customer quilt this morning, Gus joined me in my sewing room along with his monster trucks, which he lined up and played on the "table" of the long arm.

In addition, he seems fascinated with the tape measure and imagines he is measuring everything.  At one point he was measuring the newest quilt I have on my design wall.

Because he enjoys being in the room with me and keeps himself entertained, I was able to load the quilt without interruption.

Finished it just a few minutes ago - and now look at the time.

After Gus left for the day around 6:30pm I headed to Janesville.  I have been contemplating getting a different vehicle.  Mine is 12 years old and still runs terrific, but I think maybe now would be a good time to trade.

Brought my good friend Annette Vance along with me for the ride and we test drove one that I really liked.

Still not certain I want to take on a car payment.   I do not have any loan payments and not sure I want to start one now.   I will have to sleep on it and make a decision soon.

FYI stopped in at the new Rosati's Restaurant in Newville and let me tell you it was delicious.

Maybe the best pizza I have ever ever eaten.  We had not planned on eating out but the time got away from us again (imagine that) so by 8pm we were starving.

There were only a few rows remaining on the customer quilt - so instead of heading to the bedroom on a pizza full stomach, I worked on the quilt until it was completed.

Now maybe I should consider going to bed!!

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