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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bad Karma All Day

Ugh to yesterday - it went on and on and on

Starting out the cat had gotten sick during the night in several places - so at 6am I'm scrubbing carpets in bedroom and sewing room.

But the smell - what is that smell - thought it was from her being sick, but now the smell doesn't go away.

OH no she had an accident on my bed -  strip the bedding and start the washer  What has gotten into her - she never does anything like that.

OK so lets forget about it - finished a block for the scrappy - ran out of any extra background fabric so its as big as its going to get.  Pressed it all nicely - shoot right at the end there was an open seam - rip rip and resew.

Dang it - now what -  I know I will load and quilt a customer quilt that always makes me feel better.

NOT:   The bobbin tension was off, ripped out a tiny section - adjusted the tension - proceed - shoot - same thing - rip, adjust, sew - OK stop doing that - do practice on side of quilt -  adjust sew, adjust sew adjust sew,  finally after 2 hours of frustration - finally got everything working correctly - by this time I'm really not happy - #%x* quilted a few rows and decided have some coffee and do a little cleaning.

Spilled half a box of cereal all over the counter - more #%X* so more cleaning.

At this point I'm thinking what is going on with me  - and its only 10am what will the rest of the day bring.

I'm so angry I just kept cleaning to relieve the pressure and I bang my head on a cupboard - that figures.

Done - no more cleaning.

Called Annette and we went shopping for a new light fixture in my sewing room.   She has these wonderful lights in hers, and they will work perfect in mine.

We head to Menard's -after picking up drugs and a few other items at the pharmacy - OF course they are out of the light I want.  Wont have them in again for about a week.

Might as well eat -  mmmmm Olive Garden sounds good -  nope I think we were served leftovers from their lunch.  The bread sticks were not soft and chewy but the longer they sat the harder they became.  Seriously they must have nooked left overs.

I was suppose to meet a quilter at my house but forgot about the time left her a message and by the time I got home missed her by seconds - literally seconds.  She is a good customer and she knows if I'm not there drop it off without me.

She did!

So to protect myself from any injury I chose to put my feet up and watch TV all night.

And that ends the bad karma day - good night.

This morning is a better day - I Seriously Hope!!!

Finished quilting yesterdays quilt

So far so good - the quilt did not give me any trouble at all.  Deep sigh - fingers crossed

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