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Saturday, March 14, 2015

3D Pinwheels

For past few days I have been making a quilt using a technique for the block I saw on Face Book

Once I had the technique worked out I just knew I had to make this small quilt using fabrics from my Sister - In - Law Donna Kallner

Her fabrics are amazing.  She sends some to me and lets me come up with a pattern/quilt.

After I finally decide on what works best to display her fabrics I proceed.

Well like I said once I saw and made the practice blocks there was no turning back in the making of this amazing quilt.

Have no idea why the picture flips on it side - tried several times to straighten it - guess you will have to turn your head sorry    although it does look the same on all 4 sides I just know which is top and bottom

The quilting was a little difficult to do.  I had to be extra careful not to hit the seams (6 layers thick) or to catch the open lip of the pin wheels.  Hahaha which I did a couple of times and had to rip out the overlay stitches.

The end results were so worth the effort ( my opinion of course)

I do know this, I wouldn't want to do this on a full size bed quilt.  There is a lot more to making the blocks and sewing down that lip than you would think. 

Good news for me,  Margie brought me back the quilt that she hand sewed the edges of the applique pieces and now Im so anxious to get it quilted.  

I know I should be going outside and picking up pooh but when you weigh the options, pick up pooh - quilt, what do you think I will choose?

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