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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Delays Delays Delays

Its been an interesting past few days.  Well not interesting but not what was planned either.

After finishing that beautiful 3D pinwheels wall hanging, I loaded one of my own quilts -  2 rows done and looking gooooood - boom -  Lizzie (my name for my long arm) quite working.  She was totally dead no life movement at all.

Of course this happens on a Saturday evening and the service shop does not open until Monday.

Tap tap tap - now what - Oh god I'm going through withdrawal -  just knowing I cant quilt can put my mind in stress mode.

Of course I have many other projects I can work on - like piecing another scrappy that I have started a few weeks past.

There is also needle punch to be worked on - so never fear, I have not been sitting idle while Lizzie is in her coma.

On Monday I called repair and as I suspected it was an easy fix WHEW - just a fuse.  Once I was told where to find the dead fuse and new one - Lizzie came back to life just like I had hit her with life support paddles.

Sad for me though.  I was not feeling well all day yesterday, and although I tried to run a few rows of quilting my body and my heart just wasn't into it.

Instead I sat in my recliner watched movies and took about 6 naps - not like me at all.

Walked out the drive to get the mail and so frustrated because the weather was gorgeous and I could have accomplished so much, but alas it was not to be.  The most I could handle was sitting outside watching the cars go by.

Oh yeah getting back to the quilting -  I Finished the scrappy string quilt this morning - she (Lizzie) and I feel much better.

Free motion quilted using meander in border - looping inner border -  EKG for blocks and sashing and half clams in the cornerstones  - half clams is not really a name but don't know what else to call these curved squares - maybe I should call them that?

The applique in corners was purchased in Houston.  They are precuts and backed with steam a seam ready for use -   they can also be purchased through

My good friend Margie - did the hand stitching around the applique, as I have told you in the past I have a terrible hand stitch so I  leave it up to those that can.

Here is another fun project that I will be working on in the future.

My good friend's husband made this PVC wreath for me - I will be decorating with mosaic balls that will be made by my daughter Stacy

Isn't it just lovely

Now here is what happens when you shut the door

Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  -  I didn't slam it.   I shut it normally walked away and heard "crash"  I didn't even want to look.

Its all broken and bagged - to be returned to be repaired - the good thing its made out of PVC so the rings are in tact but its a big puzzle now waiting to be put back together.

Stupid stupid stupid - Today's Lesson  don't hang a heavy wreath with a thin over the door hanger!!!!!!

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