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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Double Bubble

Customer quilt - I used panto Double Bubble - wish you could see this for real the pictures kept coming out washed out - the true colors are a deep dark gold against a deep dark brown.

Its so rich looking in person.

The weather today was absolutely outstanding

Went to lunch with Julie and Annette, and from there I went to backyard to check pond. Didn't even put on a jacket and stood out there for quite some time.   I thought I could see some fish action but so far all I saw was a few bubbles coming up from the bottom.

Does this mean there are fish down there moving around creating the bubbles.  I hope so.  Its been hard  trying to keep the pond cleared of snow so the sun can shine through.  Seeing as how the darn (2 of them) pond heaters quite working.

Fingers are crossed we have turned the corner from winter - clocks are set ahead one hour - temps are rising, giving us hope that soon we will be enjoying some wonderful warm days and nights.

Realistically we could get hit with another bout of cold and snow but at this point we are confident that it would only last a short period.

The anticipation of spring is so very strong this time of year its almost giddy.

Time to ponder on and plan upcoming events for this spring/summer and even fall.

My plans are set for my personal get a ways and so looking forward to each and every one of them.

There wont be a Houston trip this year but have many other wonderful activities planned.

Of course I will fill you in on all the details .......  later ......... 

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