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Friday, March 6, 2015


Margie made this cute little quilt using a Sudoku pattern.

I have never ever tried a Sudoku puzzle let alone a quilt -  had to look it up on the "net" to even know what it was all about.

Way too much thought has to go into this process - I think you must have a very ingenious mind to work one of these puzzles.

A high loft poly batting was used - really puffs it up -  poly is OK for a small quilt if it is quilted on a long arm, but I wouldn't want to do a large bed quilt with it.  There is a lot of maneuvering while quilting with loft poly just to keep the wrinkles and puckers out of the quilting.

No matter the batting used it is a cute quilt.

Another bright springy looking quilt.

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