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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


A friend of mine brought this to me to be given away to anyone that wants to take on the challenge of finishing the hand quilting.

She purchased this beautiful quilt at a rummage sale for $10.00.  She did not realize it was hand quilted and not completed.  She thought she would only have to bind it and it would be done.

After she realized it was unfinished, hand quilted and so beautifully done, she has donated it to me to find a home for anyone willing to take on the finishing of the quilting.

We considered taking out all of the stitching and I would then quilt with my long arm, but the stitching is so beautiful hate to do that.

Not certain of the history, but we had a feeling it was an unfinished quilt from a grandma or mother that has passed and the relatives did not know what to do with it - therefore it went into a rummage sale.

Please any hand quilter give this orphaned quilt a good home.

Contact me if you want this quilt -  if it has to be shipped - you pay the shipping and I will send it to you.


Cheryl Carlton said...

I would love to finish. I live in Medford Oregon. Cheryl Carlton you could send cod. Contact me and let me know. I can have the quilters quild of Jacksonville show me the stitching so it is same. Thank you

Cheryl Carlton said...

Please contact me I would love to finish it. I have finished old quilts for country quilts in Jacksonville Oregon. Please let me know. Thank you, cheryl carlton

Jean Romack said...

Thanks Cheryl for you offer - It didnt take long and someone has already offered - she actually lives near me and is one of my customers - Im so happy the quilt is going to a good home, had she not made the offer I would have gladly sent it off to you

Cheryl Carlton said...

I am happy it is going to someone who will cherish it after all that's all quilters want is for someone to cherish and pass on to friends and family. If something like this comes your way again please let me know. Have a blessed day. Your friend, cheryl

Cheryl Carlton said...

Honestly vJean I have made a comment 2 times now and can't figure out where it goes. This will be short just in case they show up. Thank you glad it went to someone who will love it. Your friend cheryl