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Monday, May 13, 2013

Ah Monday Sweet Monday

Had one of those perfect days again today.

Customer picked up her quilt that I finished for her yesterday.

Pretty String quilt.

Another one dropped a top off to be quilted.  Probably doing this tomorrow morning.

And the rest of the day was anything I want to do.  First thing- transfer one of the baby fish  from the pump well next to the pond and put him back in the big pond.   Wayne told me he found one had gotten in where he didn't belong but he was unsuccessful in catching and releasing him.  Ta, da, I gave it a try and managed to get the little bugger back to the rest of his family.

Perfect weather for working outside.  Within 3 hours I had all of the front of house, side and rock garden cleared of weeds.

Remembering last year it took me days to do one bed.   Moving on to one of the beds in the backyard, and before I knew it, time to pick Ky up from school and drop her off at home.

Visited with Ky, Sarah and Gus, home again and Wayne is making a campfire in the backyard.

After cooking Tbone steaks on the wood fire - after supper, proceeded to just sit and enjoy.  Hahahaha who am I kidding, I had to get the pitchfork out and start clearing around the fish pond.

At last seeing the results of all that hard work last year.  Double maybe even triple the actual blooms that were buried by weeds last year.

Its going to be a very colorful yard this year I'm thinking

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