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Friday, May 10, 2013

Gloomy Days

Ugh - gloomy and rainy 2 days in a row.  Means I cant play outside with Gus.

He and I did manage to go out for a little while on Wed, but we have had rain ever since.

Gus really enjoys being outside with Grandma.  He just looks around at anything that moves.

I think he will be good for Gma this summer.  We walked all around the yard with cousin Brittany when she stopped to visit.

She enjoyed playing with the "little" guy and I know he liked her playing with him.

Another Tshirt quilt, quilted for a customer the other day.  Makes for a nice graduation present.

Tshirt quilts are quite popular for gift giving.

Yesterday I met with my orthopedic doctor and have finally scheduled my hip replacement surgery.

After being in the hospital so many times in 2009-2010 I just couldn't face yet another visit.   However, the pain in my hip has gotten so much worse I have come to the conclusion I can no longer put it off.

From what I have heard the recovery is quite quick.  That's good because this gal doesn't have time to be sitting around healing.

My Dr. spent a good amount of time with me and we discussed the surgery and recovery at great length.  Now I'm actually looking forward to getting it done.

July 29th is the big day.  I chose July because its a hot hot month and I wouldn't be working outside much that time of summer anyway.  By the time I have full recovery I can be back out in my yard for the fall trimming and clean up.

PLUS - he told me I will feel like doing some of my usual activities within 4 weeks.  Which means I can get back to my quilting in little to no time.  Hmmm I'm thinking that I should be able to sit and sew as soon as pain from surgery allows.

When I had my knee replaced I was back in my sewing room within a few weeks.  Even for a few minutes a day will be "sew" nice.

The good news - the other hip is in great shape.  I was concerned that I might have to consider the other hip replacement in the near future, but for now its looking good.  

Maybe, just maybe, I can start to become as physically active as I want to be and right now my body wont allow.

Wouldn't that be something!!!!! -  Mentally I'm about age 30 physically I'm about age 80, although I do know a few 80 year olds that can walk circles around me.

I want to be 80 and still working in my yard and quilting.  Wouldn't that be awesome.

When I die, I want to be found either outside with a pitchfork killing weeds, or sitting at my sewing machine finishing the last stitch on a quilt top.

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