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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Little By Little Making Progress

Making another "Floating Stars" quilt slowly but surely I keep working on this one off and on whenever time permits.  There no deadline and no hurry.  Manage to make 8 blocks yesterday morning.

This would be done had I not decided to enlarge it from the original pattern of 20 blocks to 42 or maybe even 48 depending if I can find enough scrap fabrics to make it that big.

There will be sashing between each block and each row, so there is a way to go before this one is finished.

I have another 2 rows to go before even thinking of doing the sashing.

No sewing or quilting today.

It was a yard day - mowed lawn - dug weeds enjoyed the flowers and oh yeah Belle got a bath with the garden hose.

This is unsuspecting Belle, she has no idea what I had planned for her.

What a difference a year makes - from pulling and digging and pulling and digging for hours upon hours last year.  Im now able to enjoy the flowers that have come up this year.  Most were buried deep last year in overgrowth of creeping charlie and crab grass -now they can finally see the sun.

Here is one of my favorite spots

The flowering crab tree is beautiful this year and the nice thing the bed it grows in has already been cleared of weeds this year.  That's not to say I wont have to pick a few here and there but not like it will take me days to do it ever again.

So its nice to say all that hard work from last year is paying off this year.

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