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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Any special plans???

Mothers day is also a day to remember moms that are now in heaven.  Thinking of my mom, missing her, but also knowing she is with me everyday.

Of course not forgetting Wayne's mom, who was such a special lady in our lives.

Happy Mothers day Mom(s).

For me, first its breakfast with friends.  Then we are going to visit Toby, Sarah and Gus, they have moved into a house - how nice from apartment living to living in a real house.

From there to Sam's club to stock up for the next 3 months.

Betcha thought I forgot about sewing and quilting.  Nuh uh!!

Been sewing early this morning, working on one of my original patterns.  "Floating Stars"  - I gave my quilt away last year to one of my brothers and now I'm in need of one for me, if for no other reason but for demo to sell my patterns.

Here is the progress so far:

Normally the pattern calls for 20 blocks for a lap size quilt, but I am making this one much much larger, so have many blocks yet to go.

Yesterday, while Toby and Sarah were moving, we had Gus with us and treated him to a Popsicle which he loves.

He is so funny when he eats these, he makes these big slurping sucking sounds with mmmmmmmmmmmmm the entire time he is enjoy his popsicle.

Today is also our Sunday Sew In with Connected Threadz - Hopefully I will be able to do more sewing or quilting a customer quilt after doing all of this running around.


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