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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Is It Spring Yet?

Well is it?

I'm so anxious to see green grass, flowers blooming and birds chirping.

Yesterday it was pointed out to me to go looking for spring flowers, so I did.  Diane called me to tell me she found small yellow flowers in her yard, so they must be in mine as well.  She even told me where to look.

 Had no idea what these little yellow flowers were, so what do I do?  Ask! - Received an answer from face book Winter Aconite.  Who knew.  

Today I'm going to look for crocus, they will be appearing any day.  This weekend we change the clocks ahead.  A sure sign of spring coming.

I'm not a yard person (meaning I don't do the clean up) that's Wayne's job, however, today I might, just might get out there and pick up some sticks. Getting a Hugh case of Spring Fever and just need to get outside and enjoy the warmer days.  Its going to be in the 60's again today. Who can resist being outside.  Unless it rains of course.

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Tracy Johnson said...

There is certainly a difference in our weather. Our dwarf pear trees are in full bloom, flowering shrubs send their fragrance through the air and the grass has already been mowed this week. Unfortunately, we have a very very short Spring and the triple digits of Summer will be here for us before we know it, here in Texas. What I really miss is the 'True' change of seasons of my childhood in Kentucky.