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Friday, September 4, 2015

Oh Yes I Did

Yes with no difficulty at all I did change vehicles - went from one Jeep to another Jeep LOL -  I like jeeps

The other one was a Patriot,  I upgraded to the Compass.

Now my new one I love - I can raise the seat over the steering wheel - well not the actual seat - but my head and vision are up up up, a big plus there - the mirrors are of normal size so I can see beyond them without fear of hitting something as I turn a corner.  There are a few more bells and whistles - one being Sirius radio -  never thought I would be a fan but now I can listen to the 50's and 60's all the while I'm driving, so that part of the trade is another plus, along with the phone in the dash.

Not that I spend much if anytime on my cell phone while driving its a nice feature for the "just in case" times.

So its back to quilting - I have to pay for the new car you know!

What is it about Olaf that just make a person SMILE  - I know he makes me smile -  I quilted using a panto Snow Winds from

Free Motion meandering

And just in case you haven't seen my new Jeep

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