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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Madison Quilt Expo

A year has gone by already!!!!!

Cant believe how fast the months are flying by now.

Attended the Madison Expo again this year with friends so get ready for your mini show:

Obviously these aren't all the quilts or even all the pictures I took - but you get the idea.

Now to start my own quilt show here at home  -  not really but I have quite a few customer quilts waiting for my attention, working on one now that is going to be very awesome.

While most of Edgerton will be going to Chili Mania I will  be staying at home working - gotta pay the bills and make the $$$$ for my next spending spree.  I have to laugh at myself when I say I'm working - its not work its play and I get paid to do it.

Oh and by the way here is the commercial for the day -  after picking up the vintage singer from repair Candy and I had to have lunch right?  So we went looking for the new BBQ place in Janesville - 
Back Yard BBQ - 1019 Kellogg Ave - there are no seating places so we took our food and headed for the park - sat at picnic table and enjoyed every bite of our pulled pork sandwiches.   If you like BBQ this is the place to go (other than my son's Toby he makes amazing smoked pork too but he doesn't do it every week) so next best place is the Backyard BBQ.

Didn't have to cook at all yesterday because, besides eating out for lunch,  went with some of my good friends for fish fry.

Gees I'm gonna have to start shopping for bigger clothes if this keeps up.

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