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Monday, September 28, 2015

One Of A Mother's Memories

Recently a neighbor lady came to my house and dropped off 5 quilt tops and a box with blocks to be completed.

Her mother passed away - and while the family was cleaning out her house, found all of her unfinished and unquilted tops.

This is the first of many to be completed.

I hope when I'm gone my children will divide my quilts and cherish them as memories of me - and here's the big one -  anything not completed - find another quilter to get them finished.  Its not like I don't know a few - I'm sure they could find someone to get the job(s) done.

I have already given instructions to my quilting friends, to come into my house and clean out the stash - as I'm sure, my kids wont have a clue what to do with all the fabrics.

One friend - I wont name names - has put her bid in on the Long Arm - LOL - told her she would have to come for lessons before I die.

Stack and Whack pattern

free motion swirls

Lately Ive been thinking a lot about when I'm gone - maybe because recently I have completed and or quilted  tops for people that have lost loved ones.

My time is a long ways off so friends don't come and pick through the stash just yet.

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