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Monday, August 31, 2015

Busy Hands

By now you know I am not one to sit around doing nothing, and, although I have many quilts to either make myself or quilt for others, I do enjoy making other things.

Recently I received my order of hand dyed yarns from my sister in law Donna Kallner - she has etsy shop that sells these gorgeous bundles of color and joy

Also keep my hands and interest I now have grown a real obsession on making little mice pin cushions.

Out of boredom one day (how can I be bored) I went to my computer and googled in pin cushion patterns and came upon  little mice

So in addition to going here and there with family and friends, attending sew groups and meetings enjoying my days with Gus, I spend my days and nights working all of these fun projects.

After going out for breakfast with friends, I decided to check out getting a different vehicle.

Since purchasing the Jeep I have not been all that pleased with it - think I'm going to upgrade a little.

When you are short (who me) or vertically challenged, sometimes you find you aren't able to see over the dash or hood of the vehicle.  Such is my case - I actually have to ride with a 2" cushion under my bottom to see where I'm going - not a good situation at all.

The Jeep does not come with the option of raising the seat.

Which might be a concern for some people, especially those that I meet on the road or around a curve.

So for the safety of others I'm looking into buying a vehicle that will adapt to my "challenge"

I will update you on the results later.

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