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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Rescued Quilt

I have been quilting a Dresden plate for a customer -  while working on it I noticed the blades were all from clothing so there had to be a story behind the top - right?

Contacted the customer and she explained to me this quilt top - she rescued from a good will bag  - her friend was going to donate to gw.

The story goes:  Friend and her sister helped make this top with their mother.  The fabrics were from the two

sisters old clothing.

Not knowing what to do with the top the friend decided to donate - but lucky for the quilt my customer rescued it - sent it to me for quilting and now look at it.

The plate was hand appliqued using all strands of embroidery thread and then machine sewn to the background block.  - Raw edges not turned under - I think adds interest to the primitive look.

Customer is going to gift back to her friend - I'm hoping she will find value in the memories not just from the cloth fabrics but the making of the quilt with her mother.

It just goes to show you how quilters look at old tops - they can be made beautiful - so don't throw away grandma's or mom's unfinished tops, find a quilter and get them finished.  You will have yourself an heirloom that can be passed on to generation after generation with all the memories that go with it.

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