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Friday, September 18, 2015

Daily Report

Number 2 for IN

Finished this yesterday - - lately it has been taking me 2 days to get a quilt completed - load one day - start a few rows and finish the next.

Too many interruptions I guess.   With several more to do and nobody is in a hurry I can take my time and not burn myself out quilting all day long.

Besides Im having too much fun playing with Gus and his "indoor sand"   One of the best presents I ever got him -   In case you dont know what Im talking about -  I found on the "net" kinetic sand and had to buy it for Gus.

I laughed so hard today though - while he was playing with his sand on a blanket on the floor - I answered the phone while I wasn't looking he had gone to the potty on his own, which he does all the time now.  Then he came back sat on the blanket  in the sand playing - when I noticed he was bare butt naked with his little boy parts covered in sand -  I had to wipe the sand off before putting his pants back on. While laughing so hard I almost peed.

He isn't shy obviously.  
This is NOT a pic of him butt naked 

I have to show you what a my friend Annette Vance made me -  we trade off projects for each other and she made me a ironing board cover - its so pretty I almost hate to iron on it, but I will!!!!

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