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Monday, September 14, 2015


I haven't seen a Thimbleberries quilt in ages - still lovely even as time goes by.

 I did a free motion all over feather stitching on this one - turned our pretty nice I think

This beauty is going to IN one of these fine days along with a couple more.

Its only Monday and my day is already booked - nails this morning, run to bank, some shopping for quilting supplies and a few groceries - meeting up with a friend to go to library to get more audible books.

Cant tell you how much I enjoy the audibles.  I still read at night before going to sleep, but its really great listening to a good book while I'm sewing on my domestic or knitting or any hand work -  LOL don't have to turn the page or hold a device just sit back and listen  Reminds me of the old radio programs, Yes I'm That Old - before television.

In addition time to load another customer quilt.

Oh and by the way Packers Beat The Bears - too bad Bear Fans - yay for Packers!!!!!!!

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