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Friday, May 29, 2015

Name That Plant

You know how I much I garden and plant and discover new plants in my flower gardens.

Of course I don't know the names of many of the plants as they are new to me since moving in here.

Each year I seem to discover something new and wonder what is the name of that plant.

At last I found an app you can get for your Ipad Iphone and giving it a try this morning I can say it worked great.  Actually there were 2 apps and I experimented with the 2 found this one to be more accurate
its called Like That Garden  -  you can take a picture of the plant or flower and upload to the app and within seconds it will locate the plant or plants similar to your photo.

How neat is that!!!!!

There is another app that I downloaded that works OK - Plantifer - this works some of the time but doesn't seem to be as quick or as accurate as Like That Garden

Had to check it out, so I'm out in my backyard snapping pictures of flowers I knew and those I didn't just to see how good it was.

So far its pretty darn accurate

End of Commercial

Now back to quilting -  after the retreat, as you know, I have been pretty darn busy finishing customer quilts.

So far I have gotten all caught up with those that were waiting and coming in as fast as I was finishing others.

These are the last 2 I had sitting waiting in line.

How special is this made by Sandra Vincent  - one of my guild sisters

So pleased she brought this to me to quilt for her

Vicki has gotten a lot of mileage out of these fabrics - this is the 3rd quilt using those same fabrics

Its been a wild and crazy past month but at last I'm now working on the present quilts instead of those sitting in line and waiting for me.  Its a first come first done policy unless there is a Rush - which I did have a couple of those that had to be pushed to the front of the line.  No matter everyone got theirs finished within a timely manner and all seemed please with the results and the time it took to complete.

Most often I will receive a top to quilt and have it done within a day or 2, so its not normal for me to have so many come it all once.  Not complaining, bring them on.  But the day of  in and out in 1 day doesn't happen when you have a so many coming in all at the same time.

Now I'm going to be wondering when is someone bringing me a quilt top?????   Not to worry they will come.

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