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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Its All About The Team Work

As most know I have a huge yard with multiple flower beds.  And when I say multiple I mean multiple.

I'm not old yet but the time is passing and I'm getting older and the yard work still needs to be done.

Frustration has set in so I made a choice to pay some teens to do some of the weeding for me.  This doesn't mean I'm not doing any but lets face it, I need the help if I want the yard to look as good as it has in the past .

It took me years and  is still a work in progress to clean up this place from when I first moved in.

After many years of neglect I was determined to set it right.  So after many backbreaking hours I managed to release some flowers from the weed chocking growth.

Now that I have made such progress I just couldn't let it revert back to the horrible state it was in.  So get out the wallet fork out the dough and get the job done.

Kids need the money and I need the help.

Here are some before and after pictures from yesterdays work.

Here are the after:

My wonderful workforce:

And Fiona's home is coming along nicely - this is one of my special projects that I work on personally along with 4 or maybe its 5 that I have been working on - lost count

I was so excited I forgot to get pictures of the sewing ladies from yesterday.  There were 4 of us working on a t-shirt quilt - in between foreman of the yard work and helping with the sewing ladies it was a pretty full day.

Even so - I managed to get the lawn mowed  after everyone went home - thanks to Tim Vance for fixing my mower not once but twice yesterday.

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