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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Floating Stars

A few years back I taught a class at "Twin Turtle Quilts" quilt shop in Clinton WI, using my original pattern Floating Stars.

At last one of the students finished her quilt top and brought it to me to quilt.

Normally she quilts her own on her domestic, but after reconsideration she opted to have a professional long arm quilter do the work.

My first intention was to do an edge to edge - but once I stitched the first row, I really didn't like it. In fact I hated it and if I don't like it how will a customer feel about it.

Spending one entire day (yes it took that long) I ripped out the first row of stitching,  pressed out the unwanted stitching holes,  reloaded the quilt - and studied it for long time.  Once I cancelled any thought of edge to edge I then had to decide what do I want to see on this top.

She didn't request anything special and we never discussed what she did want, said she would leave it up to me.

End results more detailing than planned and because it was my decision not hers I'm not going to charge anything extra for the extra work.

Sometimes a quilt just asks for more than the what is needed to put it together, and this one did speak to me.

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