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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Exploring With Brother Bill and SIL Donna

I just got back from a mini vacation at Bill and Donna's and had the best time.

Its always great to stay with them. Donna was teaching me "Looping" - the advantage of having a talented relative I get one on one instructions.  Its such fun learning new crafts from an expert.

No I did not take a picture of my practice piece for many reasons - but this is what looping should look like

Knowing me I get excited about many things but mostly seeing old quilts -  Donna had this one on my bed and I was thrilled to see it.

This beautiful quilt was made by Donna's grandmother Bessie Cooper - Mitchell IN - It was hand sewn and hand stitched during the 40's depression - we wondered how she managed to afford the material or maybe it was given to her.

Donna said she did not remember seeing this quilt when she was a child, but her mother told her it was only brought out and used for "good".   Her mother gave her the quilt when her parents moved from IN to FL and now Donna keeps the tradition bringing it out only for "good".  Which made me feel very special as this is the first time I had seen the quilt.

The 3 of us took a road trip sight seeing - that is after buying a scoop of ice cream at the small general store in White Lake.

Ginger bread houses  teeny tiny little house

All the many years of visiting with them, this is the first time we did the sight seeing, and it was so enjoyable.  They live in a very beautiful part of Wisconsin.

Before loading up the car to return home I managed to spend some money without even leaving their house.  LOL not the first time -

Brother Bill made this beautiful table and I just had to bring it home with me - he also made me another thread tree but I have not even put the pegs back into it.

Its just beautiful, love it so much

He makes amazing furniture - I was very fortunate he had this one in his studio.  I think it was waiting for me to take it home.

In addition he is makes fishing nets that are almost too pretty to use - in fact I have one hanging on my living room wall along with Wayne's fishing hat

Needless to say I had a great time with them and came home with treasures including more hand dyed wool yarns.

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