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Friday, May 8, 2015

Mowing In The Rain

Time is limited, after Gus left I started mowing the lawn, its only about hay field deep LOL

Before I could finish ( and I'm still not done) it started to sprinkle, just kept on mowing until finally I was too wet and cold to continue.  Still have the way way back yard and the side lot by the burn pile to go but that will have to wait.

The apple blossoms are in full bloom right now and dropping while I'm mowing..  Its like mowing in a snow storm of flowers.

One of my favorite views

Maybe tomorrow I can finish mowing and spend some time to do a little more weeding - that is after my mini shop hop to Lodi - a couple of us are going to the quilt shop there -  Margie has never been so its off we go early morning and then back home to yard work and do some more customer quilting.

It seems the time is just getting away from me.  So much to do and so little time to do it.

I don't seem to be as energetic this year as I have been in the past.  Might it be because the years are starting to pile up faster faster and faster.  eeek Don't even want to think about it.

Sunday is Mothers day and Stacy has already given me my present, going to breakfast with Toby Sarah and Gus - that should be fun.  Looking forward to spending a little time with Mom and Dad I get to spend lots of time with Gus.

He even helped me again today in the gardens.  Although I have got to get him toughened up a bit - he is a little bit afraid of bugs.  I'm going to have to work on that and remind him he is a big boy and so much bigger than the bugs.

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