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Monday, June 1, 2015

Mini House With Picket Fence

Small but pretty wall hanging I quilted for a customer

This was made from a pattern in a quilters magazine (no I didn't even look at the magazine so don't know which one it came from)

She requested I quilt as closely as possible to the suggested diagram.

Nailed it!!!!!!!

And so did she - this is just the cutest -  she was a little concerned she had already sewn on yo yo's and buttons but seeing as it was custom quilted from the front of machine I had no problem avoiding those areas.

Now I can say I'm totally caught up with customer quilts - no backlog - ready for the next batch to come in..........

I even managed to put the borders on my guild challenge quilt.  YES the borders are done hehehehe and you know how much I like borders.  

Added another row to my red white and blue quilt with only 3 more rows to go before I head off to shop for the border fabrics and backing.

In fact I have 3 other quilts needing backing, so it looks like I will have to schedule a trip to Val's one fine day.

Aw poor me has to go fabric shopping.  Insert sad face here.......

Did I tell you?  I'm going with Julie and a couple of other gals to the Minnesota Quilt Show this coming June12th - looking forward to this.  Especially since we know that Karen Mctavish is teaching and giving a lecture.   I cant make it to a class but I'm so going to her lecture.

That should be worth the trip alone just seeing and listening to her

I have watched a couple of YouTube videos but now I get to see her Live.

From what I have heard she gives an amazing and funny lecture-trunk show.

After that little trip I have a couple of weeks to plan for my next vacation with granddaughter Brittany and great grandson Tavyn along with her boyfriend DJ - headed to the Jersey Shore -  never been there and so looking forward to that trip.

Before we know it this summer will be coming to an end.  How can that be, it just got here.

The spring and summer speed by while Winter can take it sweet a.. time in leaving.

Bummer, but best not to dwell on that, just have to enjoy it while it lasts.

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