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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Skipped A Day

I started out with great intentions - quilting customer quilts.

However, I got into my sewing room and decided to spend just a little time cutting and working on another quilt for Gus.  His other Vroom Vroom went home with him so I am making one for here.

Once I got started cutting I couldn't stop myself from putting some of the blocks together, just to see how it will look.

Adding black sashing setting off the blocks.

By the time I did this much I was out of the mood to be in my sewing room, so no quilt got loaded or stitched.

Instead, cold and damp, pulled some weeds, hauled a load of brush to burn pile ( have got to set that on fire one of these days).  Looking at the mower, which was very very dusty dirty (something Wayne would have never let happen).  Pulled out the hose, gave it a good rinsing.  I think I was just as wet as it was. Had good intentions of putting the lawnmower away after cleanup, but instead I dropped the blades and did a little mowing.

By the time I made a few passes I was cold cold cold.  Put it away and changed my wet clothes.

That finished out the day and still no customer quilt loaded or stitched.

Today, however, was a better morning for quilting.  Waiting for the dew to dry off.

Finished one for a customer:

Using free motion leaves and flowers on this Yellow Brick Road quilt.

Now I feel better.  Still have a couple of smaller quilts to finish for Dee Dee and then I'm caught up.

But first,  clean up house, and head outdoors.  I think today is going to be the only good day this weekend to really get some good progress on the yard work.  I don't have the luxury of putting it off and letting Wayne do it while I quilt.   I need to "make hay" while the sun shines.

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