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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Scrappy Artist

My customer (and friend) Teri knows just how to use scraps - great color combo's.  She has never found a scrap she didn't like or use.

That's why I keep giving her some of mine.  When I'm bored with a stack of scraps or just don't want to mess with any more (believe me I have plenty) I pay it forward on to Teri, who in turn, makes these awesome quilts and then brings them back to me to be quilted.

Its a win win situation.

I love quilting her quilts because I can pick out which scraps were mine and how she put them to good use.

She plans her quilts out in advance.  I think she uses lined graph paper and draws them up first and then proceeds.

Me, I don't think that far ahead with the use of my scraps.  I'm a grab and sew girl, and that is why I mostly make the crazy crumb block scrappy quilts.

I should take lessons from her!!!

Quilted using panto "American Beauty" by Patricia Ritter Urban Elementz

She also put more scraps to good use in this child's quilt

Number 7 a race car number the letter W for her grandson Wryly

cute race strip on the back

 Hehehehe cant wait to see what she comes up with now.  Gave her a whole g. bag of scraps - have fun Teri

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