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Monday, May 19, 2014

It Only Took Two Year

Not because it was difficult or any reason other than I just kept putting it aside.

Started this Feb 2012. First. Made the top. Then ran out of fabric. Lucky for me the store had more of the same.. I needed more just for borders.  When I started this I had an idea how large I needed it to be.  Once the center was completed I knew it was going to need large borders.

Normally you don't enlarge a quilt just by adding borders, but in this case I think it worked.  The fabrics were so beautiful they added to and did not distract from the center.

For some unknown reason. I do not enjoy adding borders, and this has three, so put it aside again.

A few months ago. Actually about six months ago I added the borders.  Then of course you know what happened in Nov. so put aside again.

At long last I loaded and quilted this. Finishing this morning and now I'm sewing on the binding

This is no small quilt. 93x105.

This will take a few days to hand bind but I will stick with it until done.

This is another original design name of pattern is Mosaic  I free motion quilted again using my peacock feathers.  The quilting design worked well with the paisley prints.

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