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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Must Be Nuts

Like I don't have enough ufo's and projects going all at the same time, now I started yet another one.

I joined "Strip Club" with some other quilters/friends.

A local quilt shop has a Strip Club group and the group picks a pattern and all make the same quilt, using, of course, our own choice of colors.  The reason it is called Strip Club is because the patterns chosen are made from strips.  (Makes sense)  Hmmm I should submit my Knot Garden as a candidate for pattern someday.  It is made using strips.

Yesterday a few of us got together and started in, each sharing ideas as to how this pattern goes together.

Now that we know how to do it, we just have to do it!!!!

Here is the beginning:

  This needs to be finished by October, and it will probably take me that long to get it done.

I have Brittany's to work on and in addition I have cut and getting ready to make the memory shirt quilt for my Sister-In-Law Cheryl.

Received my brother Don's shirts last week, have them cut - need to make a run to quilt shop, purchase the fabrics needed and I can get working on that one.  Once I get the fabrics it wont take long at all to put together quilt and ship off to her.

And then of course the warm weather keeps calling me outside - its a toss up as to what to do.

BTW - I now have a name for my new garden friend  "Fiona"  Toby says she is a peacock, but Sarah and I insist she is a flamingo.  Whatever she is, Fiona is here to stay and I love her.

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