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Monday, March 3, 2014

My Crumb Block Party

Yes it was Saturday and yes I promised pictures.

However, before everyone left my house on Saturday I started feeling ill.  Came down with the flu and have been really really under the weather until about a few hours ago.

Now I'm really concerned I infected everyone.  I know 2 of the girls that have gotten sick so far.  Its hard to believe they would have gotten sick so soon.

It took me a week to get it from my Gus but I finally did.  Thank you Gus Grandma still loves you.

For the first Crumb Block party it turned out really well, we all had a good time.

When everyone arrived I took their scraps away from them, and put them in a cloth grocery bag adding some of my scraps to theirs, mixed them up a bit and handed them bag their bags.  Tell each they could not look inside.

Once we were all set up for sew I instructed them to, without looking, start pulling pieces from their bag and sew each piece as they pull it from the bag.  Not trading for a different piece.  If the piece was too large they could cut it down to fit, but if it was too small they could add to the small piece and then add to the previous pieces making a block - the block was to be larger than a 6.5 block then we trimmed the blocks to the 6.5 either cutting straight on or turning the square ruler making the blocks tipsy looking.

I have made many scrappy quilts using this technique and it always makes for an interesting block and quilt.

The original plan was to make them give me their blocks lay them out and have each girl take turns picking a block they could keep and continue picking until they had equal amounts of blocks they put into the exchange.

However, some of the girls loved their blocks too much to give them up so I let them keep their own.

I do think it would have been fun to see what it would have looked like had they exchanged some of their blocks.

In between sewing we did manage to have a nice lunch that we all contributed to.  Where ever there are sewers there has to be food, right?

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