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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hello Again

I bet you have been wondering where I've been.

Well...... my computer was in for repairs and have been without one since last week Thursday.

E gads!!!! I have been lost without it - finally today I got it back.

It is amazing, however, how much one can get done without have a computer to distract.

Quilted this charity quilt for one of my friends.  She and others are making quilts to be given to the Vets housing in Janesville.  This housing is for VETS (of course) who are homeless and have no jobs.  The facility has a vet stay for max of 2 years and they provide the vet with schooling, and trade skills to help them get a job.  A quilt is given to a vet and when he leaves the housing the vet gets to keep his quilt.  I offered to do a quilt or 2 for them as my contribution to helping our vets.

In addition - quilted one of my own scrappy's

One of several crumb scrappy's I have done this past winter, and I finished up 30 more blocks for yet another one.

In past few days I have quilted these, made scrappy's - read 2 books, and worked on my knitting, but with all of that I was nuts not being able to check in and on my computer.

With all the social availability to connect with others through our electronic devises its actually like going through a with drawl when one is taken away from us.

Weather has been so much milder I actually managed to get out of the house for past few days, which has brightened my mood considerably.

Hoping mother nature has turned the corner and we can all look forward to some nice warmer days.

In between there will be some setbacks, but I'm confident spring is not far behind.

Speaking of spring-  Sunday was SPRING FORWARD for day light savings time.  I was all set for this, ready to turn the clocks ahead Sat night before heading to bed.

Up early Sunday ready for church drove off to church and discovered more cars than usual in the parking lot,  Strange so many cars already there, when usually there are a few as I get there early for service.

Yeah well this dummy forgot to change the clocks so instead of early for service I was 50  min late.  Feeling totally stupid I pulled out of the parking lot and went and visited Toby, Kylee and Gus instead.

Oh well good intentions.

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