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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Party At MY House

I have been wanting to learn needle turn hand applique for years.

Finally a friend offered to teach a class at my house for a few of my quilting buddies.

Peggy Nelson teacher:

Cast of characters:

Julie, Sharon, Alice, Teri, Margie and myself.

Peggy was an excellent teacher and so much appreciate her coming  here and being so patient with quite a few total novices to the art of applique.

Peggy giving Alice one on one instructions at the ironing board

Julie's looking awesome

Julie and Sharon have theirs completed

Teri another over achiever finisher hers as well

Margie still working on hers

Nope I didn't finish mine, but then I was making coffee, copies and getting the dessert out.

Plus doing a lot of chatting  hehehehehehe
Uhhhhhh Alice escaped her close up - I will catch her another time .

I managed to finish mine way after class

I learned so much today, but there is much needed practice to look forward to

In addition before class today I finished a customer quilt for Joyce:  Pattern name Weathered Fence

All in all it was a very good day- enjoyed myself tremendously

Thanks Peggy and thanks to all my friends who came to our little class


Mariana Nortje said...

Hi Jeannie, Mariana here :D. Just found your blog. I am so jealous that I live too far away to join you guys, sigh. It looks like so much fun!

Martha said...

Very nice. Looks like you all had a really fun day!!! Nothing better than learning with friends!!!