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Monday, March 31, 2014

A Few Days Updates

Quilted a customer quilt - she is also a friend which makes it nice -  Linda Kjendlie made this beauty

Went to Stoughton Quilt show which ended up with me going to ER ....

Not to worry - I have been having some issues for past week, and thought I was having heart health problems.

After a night in the hospital and several tests, they have given me a clean bill of health physically - the mental issue not so clear.  Apparently I have dealing with depressions, anxiety.

I thought I had been working through my grief, but I know now I wasn't actually dealing with it or letting myself go through the process.  Been building it up until it took over and I made myself ill.

DR. Appointment today went well, we are scheduling a stress test for Tuesday just to rule out anything the tests might have missed.  I have been prescribed a medicine to help me sleep (apparently 2 to 4 hours is not enough) really? and the medication is also to help with my mood.

Lets hope so.

To give myself a pick me up went shopping for some spring outdoor decorations - instead of buying ready made I came home and  made myself a spring wreath.

I must have forgotten how to use a glue gun because I have at least 5 really good glue burns on my fingers, one is even blistered.   Oh well takes my mind of other complaints for a few minutes anyway.

Now Im  going to go sit by my pond and watch the fish.

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