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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How I Spent Monday

I really had a super kicked into high gear kind of morning.

Started at 6am and stopped at noon.

Machine Embroidered to my Hand Applique Bird - need to fill in extra space on block
still have to trim off extra threads

Sewed together the sample blocks of new pattern (Wanda's Dream Catcher)

Cut and sewed together a quilt for Gus - still need borders but this went together quickly.

Watched Gus for a few hours came home and finished loading a customer quilt.

Today will be another busy day, went for coffee and quilting tips to a friends house, home again, grab lunch, load car and head out to sew day with the girls.

When I get back  have the customer quilt to work on maybe I can get it done tonight or tomorrow, we will see how much I can accomplish after sewing with the girls.

Woke up this morning to SNOW - ugly word this time of year.  Not much but enough to put me in a bad bad mood.

According to weather reports will have warm days by Friday.  I certainly hope so - this is a never ending winter and does not help my mood at all.  Seriously getting a major depression going here.  

The only thing to cure it, will be warmer days and sunshine.

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