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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Really Girlie Girl Quilt

The fabrics in this quilt are just the cutest girlie fabrics I have ever seen.

I wish you could see this in person its simply adorable.

Karla Nitz did another excellent job picking her fabrics and a perfect pattern.

Love this one.

Quilted with  panto "Gerber Daisy" fits this quilt to a "t".

Gus was sick all week but managed to come today, he is much better, and thankfully he took a long enough nap for me to finish the quilt for Karla.

Tomorrow is a "Crumb Block" party at my house for a few quilters.  There has been so much interest in this upcoming party, that I'm actually planning on having another one.  I can only fit so many people in at one time, but with all the quilter friends that I have I just know I'm going to have another one for those that I couldn't have come this time.

Crumb Block Party????  - I will let you know more with pictures after the party.

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