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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday A Full Day

I have had one busy day today.

Being of sound mind I did the unusual for me.  I did not go directly to the sewing room or to the computer. Got all cleaned up, dressed, made the bed picked up the house and was ready for anything.

Loaded a customer quilt and 2 rows done a call from a good friend Julie, "lets go to breakfast" oh yeah, and Stacy showed up just as we were leaving so she joined us.

Back home again and proceeded to work on the customer quilt.  Using a Panto instead of my usual free motion quilting.

2 rows from the end and ooooooh darn it - somehow I did not line up the row and it was crossing over the previous row.  That means unstitching a partial row.  It took 3 hours to remove the unwanted stitches.

Finished the quilting and trimming around 6:30 - it was well worth the extra steps to complete the quilting.

Its beautiful:

Wish the camera could pick up the true rich royal purple colors in this quilt.

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