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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Planes Trains And Automobiles

I wanted you to see every square inch of this adorable quilt made by Karla Nitz  - I quilted it today using a panto called Bauhaus Baby

You might recognize the panto design from a previous quilt I did, the scrappy one? -

Now to whine a little or maybe a lot.  This weather is going to be the death of me and or several people.

I swear we have become the New Alaska.  I went to grocery store this afternoon for Toby, Sarah and poor little Gus, they all have the flu.

Could not believe how cold it was.  My eyeballs were cold, literally, just from walking from car to store.  On the way back to the car I put on my sunglasses just to protect my eyes.  Unbelievable and its not over yet, they are predicting Thursday (tomorrow) is going to be colder.  How cold can it get before we become the polar ice cap.

I see signs all over at business declaring 22 more days to spring.  Yeah Right!!!!!  I also heard that daylight savings time begins soon.  Again unbelievable!!!!

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