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Monday, February 3, 2014

Pink Fuzz Everywhere

I'm not kidding.

Yesterday of my favorite people and quilter stopped by with a quilt made by her daughter in law to be quilted along with the batting and backing.  No problem you say ...... oh yeah.

The backing was made of that low nap furry fleece stuff.  Which is fine for making soft cuddly things and pillows but for a backing AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH  Just touching this stuff causes a major expulsion of pink fuzz.

I almost had her come and pick it up, because I thought it Might gum up my machine if it built up too much fuzz.

After looking it over for a second time today I thought I would give it a go.  At least she wanted just something simple to sandwich it and hold it together, which made my job a lot easier.

So I proceeded to get it loaded - changed out the thread color and bobbin I had on the machine and started in holding my breath the entire time.

I used only straight stitches on this, if I had tried any curves at all that backing would have been puckering and folding all over I'm sure.

It looks pretty gentle here (the backing I'm mean) but it was stretching and moving the entire time I was quilting this.

Liz came and picked it up to deliver to her DIL, who according to Liz is aways sewing and making quilt tops but not getting them quilted.  I told her let her know I'm here and she can call or come anytime, BUT DON'T BRING THIS BACKING ever again.  Liz agreed, she said she is sure the 15 yr old daughter picked it out and that mom, although she is a quilt maker does not do the quilting and would not know what (we) quilters have to do to make their tops looks good.

The pattern is pretty and I would like to make one some day. Using, of course, a nice backing.

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