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Monday, February 10, 2014

Its Been Awhile - Moving On Tula Pinks

Its been quite some time since I have worked on my Tula Pinks - to fill some time in between other things I have managed to put a few more blocks together.

Here is where I'm at so far:

1 thru 32 - in order of completion - later when all are completed I will rearrange them to a pattern I like.

Yesterday and this morning I sewed 33 thru 38  = 2 yesterday and 6 this morning.

Blessings to all those friends who continue to give me scraps.

After doing a few of TP's I'm considering doing yet another scrappy quilt top.  I have sooooooo many scraps and pieces I could make quite a few scrappy's and still have more pieces left over.

My problem, what to do with all of these excess quilts.  I'm going to be donating them to some charitable organization, but haven't decided which one or 2 to give them to.

I know there are many many places I could send them.  Hospitals, cancer wards, children's hospitals, church, the list goes on, so why not get busy and do a few more - right?

I have the material and the time might as well put it to good use.

My family certainly does not need any more quilts for a while and I will not let any piece of fabric go unused if I can possibly help it.

Some of my quilts are listed on Etsy for sale and hopefully some will sell, but in the meantime, I just continue to makes more.  I think there is a word for that! ADDICTION 

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