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Saturday, July 16, 2016

July Flying By

Gosh before I know it July will be behind us and its been a pretty active July for me

July 4 celebrated with son Toby and his family -  now I know you have had to put up with pictures of my flowers and yard - well the apple doesn't fall far from the tree -  Wayne has always been a "yard" nut he worked outside in every yard of every house we lived in - even the homes we rented.

Toby is not much different than his dad -so is his wife Sarah, and btw - our daughter Stacy is the same way.

For example - went to cookout at their home, like I said on the 4th, couldn't resist taking pictures of their back yard.

weeding at their house would be a breeze compared to the size of the beds where I live
but.......  the flowers are all beautiful even with the work,  Just dont know how long a 70 and getting older woman can keep doing it.  I will continue as long as I can and maybe LOL cut back a little each year.

I had to laugh at Kylee because she not only helps me with My weeding but she also has to work in their yard too.  She tells me when she gets her own place she is not planting any flowers - well we will see about that.  I can almost guarantee she will have as many if not more flower beds.  Its in the blood and there is no getting away from it.

So much has gone on since the 4th but that will be for another day to write about - today I'm headed off to Belleville for a quilt show.  And yes there will be pictures 

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