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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Some Of This Some Of That

I'm giving away the surprise but here goes - baby quilt for Piper - mailing - hopefully tomorrow

The top has been done for quite awhile, just hoping the new baby was going to be a girl., Whoopee - Piper Kathryn Strait - born 1/23/13.  1st Cousin Larry and Linda Tonelli grandparents - Parents, Robyn and Josh Strait.  

I'm looking forward to holding this sweet baby this coming September, where, SHE WILL BE coming to our family reunion.

By the time she comes to visit - she will be 8 months old and Gus will be 10 months.  Should be a fun reunion.

Early this morning I began a scrappy quilt for my dil - Deena's mom Sandy.   Sandy is having some health issues and I am making her a quilt, that will, hopefully, give her some warmth and comfort.

I do have a scrappy quilt that I could just quilt and give, but, I wanted to try a little something new.

There will be black sashing between the blocks and rows.  Think this will be a pretty funky and fun looking quilt.  If, however, I dont like it when finished I will quilt the other scrappy already hanging and ready for quilting.

The deadline for this is Saturday - can I make the blocks sew it together and quilt by Saturday?  Thats the challenge for this week.

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