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Friday, February 22, 2013

No I Havent Been On Vacation

Betcha thought I had left the country.

Its been a while since I last entered anything on my blog.

Not to worry, I'm still here and still working on several projects.  Some I cant show you right now. The Birthday Blocks of course.  A few Bright Ideas headed to the trash bin, scrap pile

Not every idea becomes a quilt block.  Some just don't work, at least not for real.  They look pretty good in my head, but then when it comes to cutting and sewing they look pretty awful.

Its a good thing I use scraps when I get a brilliant idea, or I would be spending way too much money to decorate my garbage.

Even the best plans sometimes just don't work out, and then others, without any effort at all, become a new quilt or pattern.

There are several patterns I have yet to complete, time goes by so fast.  Before you know it a year has gone by and I haven't put anything into print.

In between creating new blocks, well attempting to, I made these pillows for my sewing chair.

My back went out the other day, but still needed to sew.  I didn't have a pillow so I put a packaged batting behind me and it worked rather well.  Which told me I should either buy a new chair, not gonna happen soon, or buy or make a pillow.   Why on earth would I buy one when I'm sitting on piles of fabric.

First attempt:

Plain corduroy fabric, dressed it up playing with my hot crystals from Houston.

Although cute - it was the wrong size.  Too small for what I need and kept falling off the chair when I moved.

Another brilliant idea but going nowhere with it.  Anybody need a pillow???

2nd attempt:

This was made using one of those blocks for the Birthday Blocks that didn't turn out to be the right size.

I enlarged it even more - stuffed it sewed on some tie strings and TIED it to the back of my chair.  Now this idea worked and is really helping my poor old back situation.  That is until I can get around to buying a new chair.

Looking at office chairs, but they all have arms on them and I don't want arms.  I need to make a quick get away from my chair and cant be bothered sliding chair back and around arms.  Plus arms wont let me sit close enough to the machine.

Looking at this picture tells me I had better do some more cleanup in my room.

The challenge quilt is coming along nicely and at present I could put borders on and call it a day.  However, when finished it will only be a 80x80.  Too small for a queen bed (my bed) too large for a wall hanging.  I'm still mulling it over as to whether I should leave it or go bigger.

Going bigger means a trip to the quilt shop (hate that hehehehehehehe).

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