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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Prizm My Challenge Quilt

At last I finished the quilting of my own challenge quilt for Loose Threads Challenge 2014

Somewhat customized - did special borders and then simple meandering through out the inner quilt .  This will be going to the Edgerton Quilt show October 18th at the Edgerton Middle School - so if you feel like seeing it in person stop on in - oh and if you like you can even put in a vote for me.

And oh yes turn away if you don't want to see -  scarves hehehehehhe

Onion Skin Dyed scarf:

Next I had fun past few days working with Wild Grapes -

This is what it looked like in the pot, a beautiful rich red Burgundy - now the challenge will the color hold up to rinsing and washing.

The results were NO - but I'm not unhappy at all with the results

I have been wondering how I could possibly get a grey colored scarf and like magic it appears before me.  I'm loving this silver grey with a hint, yes, a slight hint of purple.  Looks almost iridescent.

Today I'm taking my scarves to Cedarburg Quilt Museum, they have an interest in possibly selling them in their gift shop.

I sincerely  hope I can find a market for these, as I love doing them but I don't need to make and keep hundreds of scarves for myself.  Although I'm sure there are few women in my family that wouldn't mind a few.

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